Proudly presenting this one of a kind patterned wood - Curly Birch!

Karelian curly birch, also known as masur birch, has a very distinct flame-like pattern. It’s also unique...

Curly Birch standard grade knife handle
Knife Handles

30x40x150 / 30x40x130

Perfect for carving hidden tang knife handles or wooden jewelry  

Curly Birch pen blocks
Pen Blocks

26x25x150 / 26x25x130

Perfect for smaller woodworking projects: pens, rings, keychains etc

Curly Birch bookmatched scales

5x45x150 - 16x45x150

Perfect for marquetry and other art projects

Curly Birch knife handles
Full tang knife handles

16x35x150 (most are bigger than described)

Perfect for full tang knife handles

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