Karelian Curly Birch

Karelian curly birch, also known as masur birch, is a precious wood, with very distinct flame-like pattern.

Curly birch trees are only found in Northern Europe, which makes them even more special. The fact that the trunk of birch trees is not entirely covered with this extraordinary pattern, and you have to carefully search for it inside the tree, makes these trees one of the most expensive woods in the world. 

The pattern of curly birch is diverse! It can look like a flame, bird’s eye, or even waves. This is also hereditary!

Our Karelian Curly Birch blocks are the best canvas for your woodcrafting dreams. Whether you're a seasoned pen turner or a wooden jewelry maker, these blocks promise an enchanting journey as you transform them into unique, personalised crafts. The natural pattern variations in the wood ensure that no two artworks will ever be identical, adding a bespoke touch to your creations.

In a world saturated with mass-produced items, curly birch blocks offer a refuge for those who appreciate the beauty of the uniqueness and the art of creation.